They said you couldn't change
the world..

wanna bet?

5 screen grabs from the GenLife app, showing a charity page, a cause page, the opening splash screen, a update or post and the main updates and post feed.
What is

You were created to live the generous life, a life of meaning, one of joy and impact.
You know this, you've felt this, but everything tells you this isn't possible.. it is.

Now is the time to start living the generous life,
GenLife is the sign you've been looking for..

the app

The Apple app store button
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The impact

The generous life is one of deep lasting and meaningful impact
that ripples out from you to the entire world.

You, our users, are impacted through how you use and give through GenLife


You. GenLife is about you, about empowering you to have the impact you've always wanted.
Fed up with the rage of social media?
Distrust of organizations constantly asking you for money but never tell you what it's used for?
Yeah, us too!
That's why GenLife exists, for you.

Your causes.

Causes. Build a passionate community around your cause.
See limited resources multiplied, almost magically. See worthy causes flourish and change the world, now you're living the generous life.

Many causes are impacted by giving through GenLife, they are your causes, not ours.
Your legacy photo, young people walking in the sand

Your legacy.

legacy. In a broken world of suffering and injustice there's a desperate need for change.

You were created to change this world, many voices told you that was impossible, but they were wrong.
You don't know it yet, and you may not realise it, but you can leave a lasting multi-generational legacy.

About the app

GenLife is a journey, and we've only just started. Join us as we go about changing the world.


Every organization on the app is a non-profit org. You can favourite them, follow them, support them. Don't see your favourite org? Well, invite them! :)

Projects / causes

A project/cause can be a person, a group or an initiative, it can be ongoing or run for a limited time. Each project has a specific news feed so you can connect with what's actually happening.


If you've ever wondered where money goes? Well, now you can know.


Not a billionaire? Not even a millionaire? No worries, even the smallest gift can be supercharged with Booost.


You can actually have a far greater impact than you ever thought when you join with others to make a change. You may feel small, but avalanches are made of small things.


This is the stone which'll start the avalanche, building your community is part of building your legacy.

About us

Since the summer of 2020 we've been working hard to build GenLife, we've ducked, we've dived, we've pivoted and on the odd occasion we've done the funky chicken celebration dance.

We're two guys who believe things can be better, and that you have a whole lot more worth than you probably realise.

MARK MURFITT. As co-founder of GenLife Mark is one half of what makes GenLife tick. With a background working in finance in the City of London Mark met Ed and together decided to create a platform which would change how people give to the work of the Kingdom.
Mark has been a Christian for many years and faithfully serves the Lord in his local church. He's married with two children, he can often be found on the water kayaking, that is if he's not out walking, but regardless he's never far from a good cup of coffee and book.

ED UNDERWOOD. A serial entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful non-profit organizations which have created innovative technical solutions, products and services which have served millions of people all over the world.
This experience showed him the beauty of the generous life and a desire to see others experience it and benefit from it.

Money. You know there's no free lunch, and in technology a product has typically sold you and your data to make money, at GenLife we think different.
GenLife is about living the 'generous life', so we've made the app free for you and for all the causes and organizations you're passionate about.

How do we make money?
We leave that up to you, we've made it possible for you to leave a tip and that is our only source of income.
So, we don't sell your data, and causes and organizations get 100% of your gift less the Stripe transaction fee.

Giving involves giving money, this is a cropped close up of a dollar bill
Our aspirations at GenLife are enormous, we want to change the world for our good and God's glory

OUR ASPIRATIONS. We, like you, want to have a legacy, we want as many people as possible to experience the joy of living the generous life, because that's who we, you, were created to be.
So, we thought the best way to achieve our aspirations was to help you achieve yours, to have a lasting multi generational legacy reaching beyond anything you dreamed possible.

The GenLife app is only the beginning, it's the start, the start of a movement.