A better way..
..for Millennials and Gen Z's to connect with organizations and causes

Why join GenLife?

Got a strategy to connect with Millennials and Gen Z's??

Didn't think so.

Our strategy is to serve this community, to provide a path to deep multi-generational impact and advance causes they are passionate about; what's good for this community is good for your cause and organization.

Industry research shows this community doesn't want to be a revenue stream, historical evidence proves this. This community wants a personal connection and a deep and lasting impact on the world; this means first coming to them where they live, on their devices.

Next they demand information about, and connection with, the causes and organizations they're passionate about, causes they invest their time and resources in.

Most causes and organizations find the task of developing the tools and capacity to meet these needs beyond their reach, that's one reason GenLife is inviting you to join.

This all probably raises some questions for you, the first being how will this benefit my organization?
The answer to this is a simple one; it's time to think different.

It's time to think different and see your supporters and donors as more than a resource to get money out of them, it's about people and causes working together to change the world.
We believe this to such a degree that we've built GenLife so that there's no cost to users and no cost to organizations (except a small Stripe transaction fee which we don't profit from).

So we invite you to join with a passionate community with a shared vision to deeply impact our world.


A 3 step process, more or less..

Onboarding your organization onto GenLife consists of 3 primary steps as detailed below, let us mention a couple of important things first..

A note on security..

We take security very seriously, both yours and our community of users. Through our onboarding process we confirm your identity and the identity of your organization to ensure we don't onboard any scammers.
The Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and Stripe require us to meet a high standard of due diligence and security within our app, we not only meet this standard but exceed it.

Yours, and our users, financial data..

All financial data is held within Stripe, we hold no financial data of any organization or our community of users.
GenLife cannot touch any donation from our community of users; 100% of all donations goes straight to the cause or organization (except for a small Stripe transaction fee which we don't profit from).

Self service.

Step 1 photo

Step 1

Inside the app: click the 'Register My Organization' button, fill out the form and set the calendar date for the concierge meeting with the co-founders.
Outside the app: click HERE

Concierge service.

Step 2 photo

Step 2

You'll meet with one of the co-founders who will gather key information from you regarding you and your organization. We'll get you setup on Stripe if you're not already, it's also during this stage we comply with international Anti-Money Laundering law by collecting from you proof of who you are and proof of your organization as well as proof of your non-profit status.

Review & authorize.

Step 3 photo

Step 3

A typical wait of 3-5 days is normal before your organization is authorised to use GenLife.
We take security very seriously, this time is used to ensure we're not onboarding any scammers or nefarious organizations.


If a thing seems too good to be true, often it's because it is, but not always, sometimes it is indeed a good thing

...and it's true.

Costs to you

It's free.
It costs you, the organization nothing.
The generous life overflows with joy in seeing the needs of others met, it's our joy to serve you in this way.

'Behind the curtain' we use Stripe Marketplace to process all payments;
Stripe Marketplace charges a small transaction fee, however, we charge absolutely nothing.

GenLife uses Stripe Marketplace so that 100% of donations go directly to your account; it's reliable and secure and we can't touch, by design, funds sent to your organization
(If you don't have a Stripe account we can help you get setup, it's very quick and simple).

GenLife serving their organizations

Cost to GenLife users..

The costs to GenLife users is zero.

Happy GenLife users living the Generous life

GenLife's costs

The way we're able to offer our service free is by suggesting users leave us a tip.

Leave us a tip and we flourish.

We do it this way because we really believe the generous life is different. So, we don't sell anyone's data and we don't charge any fee's.

We want GenLife users flourish, the causes they're passionate about to flourish and the world changed.

Cool, eh?

A tip jar

What we do..

We'll support you every step of the way as you onboard on to the GenLife platform as you begin adding projects, photos, videos and news articles.
Our strategy is to primarily serve millennials and Gen Z's who've been lied to about the impact they can have. We want them to discover the joy and excitement of living the generous life. We believe that when these communities enter into the generous life they will create a lasting multi-generational impact.
We want GenLife users to have an awesome experience and to well serve the causes and organizations they are passionate about.
We choose what integrations to build based on feedback from GenLife users and their organizations and causes.

Contact us and tell us what integrations serve you best.
You may have some questions, be sure to check to see if they've already been answered..

News feed
Research indicates that millennials and Gen Z's have a low level of trust for organizations and what happens to donations.
This tech-savy audience is no longer impressed by PR, social media advertising and direct marketing. They demand a direct connection with the causes and organizations they feel passionately about.
We built the News feed to provide a direct targeted flow of information about the exact thing this community is supporting.
Our target community often feel a small gift doesn't have any impact, so we've built Booost, a way to put rocket boosters on even the smallest gift.
It's almost like a 'matching' gift, but totally different.
Instead of a large gift being used as a hostage until smaller gifts are made, the large gift is made available to multiply the smaller ones.
'Matching' gifts are driven by two underlying ideas; scarcity and urgency. This is completely the opposite of how a Booost works. A Booost is about abundance and empowerment (the opposite of urgency).